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Argo Capital ist ein aktiver Venture Investor. Unsere Mission ist es, alternative Fondkonstrukte zu entwickeln und zu managen, sowie innovativen Geschäftsideen relevantes Venture Capital zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Wir sind der Investmentarm des Argo Venture Studios. Das Argo Venture Studio ist ein Ökosystem für unternehmerische Ideen, Talente, Geister und Lösungen. Durch Venture Building und Investment erwecken wir unternehmerische Visionen zum Leben und lösen unternehmerische Herausforderungen. Mit seinen drei operativen Entitäten Argo Ventures, Argo Advisory and Argo Capital verbindet das Argo Venture Studio umfassende Erfahrung aus 20 Jahren Unternehmertum mit innovativen Methoden und jungen Talenten der New Economy.





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Gate5 was founded

Gate5 was a pioneer in the field of mapping and location based services for mobile devices. The Berlin based startup was soon going to turn out as one of the city’s startup scene’s biggest successes to date.

200+ animated episodes

For almost 15 years, the animated series SimsalaGrimm has brought joy to children all over the world. The episodes tell in very refreshing and child-appropriate manner the tales by the Grimm brothers and other old European fairy tales.

>50% of German cinema revenue

After the successful premiere on 29 January 2004, Greenlight Media’s nature documentary Deep Blue took the German audience by storm. Soon, Greenlight Media accounted for >50% of the German cinema’s total volume.

Berlin Atlantic was founded

The Berlin Atlantic Capital Group (BAC) is an international investment house. The German-American company is focused on the development and distribution of longterm, growth-oriented alternative investments.

Exit Gate5 to Nokia

Gate5’s exit in 2006 is one of the biggest deals of the Berlin startup scene to date. Gate5, later knows as HERE, was then acquired by a German automotive alliance. HERE is one of the major players in the field of location intelligence.

Founding of 3 ventures

Kikin, MKPayment, SLG Atlanta

Release of Earth

Shot at over 200 locations worldwide, BBC Worldwide and Greenlight Media produced a breathtaking portrait of planet Earth. With more than $130m in box office, Earth is one of the most successful nature documentaries ever.

Top 10 German emission houses

Only 3 years after its foundation in 2004, the Berlin Atlantic Capital Group joined the top 10 German emission houses. With more than $500m assets under management, BAC became a leading investment company and fund manager.

Series of longevity equity investment funds

From 2004 until 2008, a series of longevity equity investment funds with an aggregate volume of US$ 170 million was successfully structured and placed.

Structuring and closing of US$ 500m debt facility

Advisory to structuring and successfully closing a US$ 500 million debt facility with a major US bank to finance longevity and insurance product portfolios designed to exit on the ABS market.

Top 15 US tower companies

CIG Wireless develops, operates, and owns wireless and broadcast communication towers in the United States. Within 4 years after its foundation in 2007, CIG became one of the top 15 US tower companies.

Exit of Planet Earth I & II


Expansion of Argo Ventures

In addition to welcoming Sascha Grumbach and Stefan Söllner to the management, the Venture Studio was expanded by Argo Advisory and Argo Capital. The two new entities took over Argo Ventures' consulting and investment activities.