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Argo Capital is an active venture investor. We design and manage alternative investment vehicles and solutions as well as funds, and provide innovative businesses with relevant venture capital. With entrepreneurship as a core competency, we offer active investing and co-founding for extraordinary ventures.

Argo Capital

Solving entrepreneurial challenges


Argo Capital covers all necessary kinds of financing – starting with angel investments and follow-on investments to potential exits.


We provide a deep understanding for actively managed investments combined with experience in the asset and capital market.

Asset Manager

We manage our active asset portfolios following an entrepreneurial and innovative approach.

Part of the Argo Venture Studio

We are an ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Argo Capital is an active venture investor. We are part of the Argo Venture Studio. The Argo Venture Studio is an ecosystem for entrepreneurial ideas, talents, spirit, and solutions. Engaging in venture building and investment, we bring entrepreneurial visions to life and solve entrepreneurial challenges.






worth US$ 1bn




Every person willing to strike a new path and take risks is an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs and innovators push the boundaries of the known world. Argo is an ecosystem for entrepreneurial ideas, talents, and spirit.

Stefan BeitenFounder and managing partner of Argo
Meet one of our investments


In 2003, Argo invested in Gate5 AG – the first company to bring digital maps to mobile phones. As biggest angel investor, we supported the start-up for three years in financing and co-designing its new business model. At the end of 2006, Gate5 was finally sold to Nokia for €150 million – one of the biggest exits of the Berlin startup scene to date. Today, the company belongs under the name „Here“ to a consortium of German car manufacturers and enables the leap to the autonomous car of the future.