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Investment vehicles for institutional investors

Argo Capital is a German investment company with access to international opportunities. We are focussed on rising markets and have an understanding of innovative technologies. Furthermore, we design and manage alternate fund constructions and provide innovative businesses with relevant venture capital.

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Entrepreneurship as core competency

We combine active investing and co-founding to support extraordinary entrepreneurs by providing start-up financing as well as the needed infrastructure for a successful start of your start-ups.

Structured Finance

Structured Finance

A deep understanding for actively managed investments in all stages combined with more than a decade of experience in the asset and capital market is the baseline for successful development and provision of structured capital solutions and financial products.

Asset Management

We manage our active asset portfolios following an entrepreneurial approach: Our success is inseparably linked with the success of our investors. It is the result of individual responsibilities and selected industry expertise combined with a passion for details.

Asset Management

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