Multiplying shareholder value for InfraTrust investors


Argo Venture´s capital markets subsidiary Argo Capital Solutions took over and restructured closed-end InfraTrust funds 6 & 8 with a market value of their investment portfolio of $ 6.5 m in 2011. The funds were exited to Crown Castle with a total volume of $ 28.5 m, thus creating a multiple of 4 times.

Headquartered in Texas, Crown Castle International Corp. owns, operates and leases more than 40.000 cell towers and other infrastructure for wireless communications. The real estate investment trust manages and offers wireless communication coverage and infrastructure sites in the United States and Australia.

In late 2015 the fund’s extraordinary shareholders‘ meeting instructed the fund manager to sell their portfolio of 32 wireless communication towers. As a result, Crown Castle acquired the assets in an auction and the InfraTrust funds were successfully liquidated in 2016.

The InfraTrust shareholders expressed their gratitude to Argo´s Stefan Beiten, Nikolaus Weil and fund manager Stephan Brueckl who lead the funds through a complex restructuring period and a successful defense of a series of unfriendly takeover attempts undertaken by the former ousted asset management.

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