Managing investments in US life settlements market


In 2005-2006 Argo Venture´s capital markets subsidiary Argo Capital Solutions structured and managed LifeTrust One, LifeTrust Investment 1, LifeTrust Investment 2 and LifeTrust Premium 5 with a total volume of $ 19.8 m, creating a return for their investors of up to 138 %.

Stefan Beiten and Nikolaus Weil initiated the funds with varying equity structures for client and portfolio company Berlin Atlantic Group, where they also represent the institutional investors with a seat on the board. The investment vehicles were established to buy life settlements on the American secondary market for life insurances and subsequently sell the insurance policies to US-based trusts and institutional investors. All investment vehicles were closed and liquidated at the end of their respective terms or pursuant to shareholder resolutions.

Our client-first approach is rooted in the knowledge that our success is inextricably linked with the success of our investors. Lawyers and entrepreneurs Beiten and Weil head Argo’s investment savvy and diverse team committed to accountability, reliability and integrity. Furthermore, both are key figures at Argo Venture Capital and its various subsidiaries and associated companies including independent film production outfit Greenlight Media.

Our portfolio managers have an in-depth understanding of the industry, an entrepreneurial mindset and adapt their investment style and strategy to the ever-changing environment We consider curiosity and creativity as well as hands-on management combined with a high degree of collaboration vital characteristics of good asset management. Strong investment, leadership and technical skills go hand in hand with a passion for financial markets and investments.

Based on research-driven insight, we are able to generate a flow of effective investment ideas and structure and manage bespoke fund vehicles accordingly.