Greenfield investments focused on European Internet start-ups


A recent addition to Argo Capital Solutions’ asset management portfolio is the private investment partnership Future’s Opportunities Fund 1. Argo Venture´s capital markets subsidiary raised and manages the greenfield fund, which aims to act as a catalyst for European tech opportunities primarily in the health, e-commerce and travel sectors. The open-end fund was initiated by Stefan Beiten in 2017 and is focused on asset creation through angel and pre-seed investments in European Internet start-ups.

This initiative comes at a time when studies suggest that greenfield investments as a means to enter a market are slowly becoming more mainstream. This development is triggered in part by brownfield assets having become considerably more expensive in the past six year as well as investors shifting their attention to alternatives and technological progress.

Our client-first approach is rooted in the knowledge that our success is inextricably linked with the success of our investors. Lawyer and serial entrepreneur Stefan Beiten heads an investment savvy and diverse team deeply committed to accountability, reliability and integrity.

We consider curiosity and creativity, as well as hands-on management complemented by a high degree of collaboration, pivotal characteristics of good asset management. At Argo, strong investment, leadership and technical skills go hand in hand with a passion for financial markets and investments. Our portfolio managers have a thorough understanding of the industry, an entrepreneurial mindset and adapt their investment style and strategy to the ever-changing environment.

Based on research-driven insight, we are able to generate a flow of effective investment ideas and provide multi-jurisdictional client solutions.