Why Vision is a Leader’s Most Important Skill

Every industry has various companies competing for market share. Yet, there always seem to be a few outliers. These companies dominate and make it hard for competitors to displace them.

What makes a great company?

Vast hours have been dedicated to answering this question. (mehr …)

The Great Challenges of Entrepreneurship 2/2

In the first part we spoke about competitive pressures and customer demands as two major challenges for leaders in the digital age. Now, let’s take a look at new business models on the rise, a modern company’s responsibility in a cultural context and the resulting need for a holistic approach to leadership. (mehr …)

The Great Challenges of Entrepreneurship 1/2

What are the hardest things a human can do?

Most people would come up with a list that looked like this:

  • Competing in Olympic sports
  • Battling a life-threatening disease
  • Forgiving somebody who has done you a great wrong

To the benefit of entrepreneurial ego’s everywhere, I’d like to add one more to that list. (mehr …)