What AI Can Do For Your Company

Where are you right now?

Perhaps you are in a café, scrolling through your social media feeds before you head into work. Perhaps you are researching our company (and we welcome you!) during office hours. Maybe you’re even putting us all to shame, reading this article on the stationary bicycle at your gym.

No matter what the context, artificial intelligence (AI) has in some way brought you to this page. Whether Siri gave you directions to get here, or your LinkedIn account suggested this article, based on an algorithm of your specific interests. AI is responsible for getting you here, to this moment, now.

Office Goals

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The modern office, especially, the modern start-up, has a great challenge to confront. The challenge: to utilise digital transformations to pioneer innovations in their businesses.

Although this challenge can be quite menacing at first, the prospects inspire hope for the future of workplace operations. AI presents a critical technological innovation, whose roots date back to more than a half-century, but whose modern implications are more ground-breaking than ever before.

For the new-age entrepreneur, at any step of their career, the acquisition of knowledge in this field can be a game-changer in their path. Let’s learn what exactly this powerful tool can do.

AI: What exactly is it?

According to HubSpot, AI “is a broad area of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence.

Is it really that simple?

Actually, yes.

Despite the extensive media portrayals of robots taking over the decision-making process for communities, artificial intelligence simply expresses the capacity of computers to be trained to interact with humans. Full stop.

The implications of this relatively simple field are excitingly complex, especially for your business. “Smart” computers can help increase the efficiency of company operations and help you focus on what’s really important. From spam filters to automated dictation of notes, AI can help you keep your eye on the prize.

Chatbots are an excellent example of established computer programs lifting the burden of repetitive business activities. While bots take care of fielding customer concerns, your employees can advance outreach methods and collect valuable data to improve the impact of your business.

Models such as these increase the value of any successful venture. However, it is important to remember that learning about these processes is as essential to your business as utilising this cutting-edge technology.

Lifelong Learning: A Love Letter

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So: how do you invite artificial intelligence, and recognition of its abilities, into your life?

The first step is simple. As with any stable relationship, you must put forward an effort to get to know it.

Some ways you can engage your team through learning have already been explained in my colleague’s recent post. You can do even more:

  • team workshops
  • retreats
  • available learning opportunities (my team presents new learning every Friday)
  • classes

These simple options can increase the productivity of your team and get you on track to the next great breakthrough.

Recent years have sharpened the skill set of AI programming to a previously inconceivable, and somewhat spooky, level. Developers in Australia and the U.S., for example, designed a program called the “Nightmare Machine”, which first identifies fear and can then produce it.

First, they fed the machine visual material, which the team then responded to, to discern what imagery provokes the neural networks that are psychologically traced to fear. Finally, the program then created imagery based on this learning to simulate nightmares.

The takeaway of this program was to better understand the psychological partnership that is possible between humans and machines. Good work produces good results, and if you invest time to learn about how AI can improve your life, you can drive excellent advances in your field.

We have the power to shape digital transformations to make them work for us, not the other way around. If we open ourselves to the possibility of growth, we can make wonderful things happen.

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